Airplanes and Art: When an Idea Takes Flight

I have painted lots of things over the years but had never focused on one idea enough to develop a complete series of paintings. That all changed last year when I decided I wanted to dig deep with a good subject and come up with a cohesive series. The finished product is 8 small paintings entitled "Jet Set”, inspired by my dad Kevin’s career as a pilot and my love for jet-inspired mid century modern design and decor.

These acrylic paintings are small, 6"x 6" and 4"x 12", and I painted them all to either stand alone or be grouped together. I intended to sell them but my dad was moved by the project and bought them from me. I tried to give them to him once I realized he wanted them, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He supports me and all my crazy endeavors and I am so grateful to have him in my life. :-)

In the background is my dad’s pride and joy, a Steerman biplane originally made for the Navy. He is offering lessons in it including recreating WWII flight training, or, you can rent it by the hour. Check out his website to find out more!

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