• Custom or Limited Edition Designs.

    Your home or office space deserves much more than a mass produced, boring, low-quality piece from a big box store or website.

  • Less Waste with Vintage Upcycling.

    We seek out bold and unusual fabrics, many are vintage from the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. The result is something truly unique that you can display with pride.

  • Handcrafted on Vintage Sewing Machines in America's Heartland.

    All of the products sold by Houston and Scott are handmade on mid-century era sewing machines from our home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each piece becomes an instant classic!

Something for Everyone

Mid Century Modern Pillows

Mid Century Modern Pillows

A curated collection of pillows handmade in the mid century modern style 

On Sale!

On Sale!

A collection of handmade pillows and home decor items from Houston and... 

  • Derek B., Fifteenth and Home Furniture and Decor, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    “Houston made a pair of pillows for a client recently. The craftsmanship was superb and the task was completed very quickly. You will be pleased!”

  • Rick E., Brookings, South Dakota

    “Totally amazing! {my wife} REALLY LOVES the pillows! Thank you very much!”

  • Lori S., Fifteenth and Home Furniture and Decor, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    “Your talent and creativity is genius. Beautiful work!”

Houston and Scott: Spring 2022 Throw Pillow Collection Sneak Peak