Making My First Quilt

Making My First Quilt

So far I have made pot holders and pillow covers working up the courage to try making a quilt. I did NOT want to tackle something overly ambitious and end up ruining $100+/- worth of fabric and supplies, something I have definitely done in the past. I feel really good now about getting started on my first full-sized quilt, especially since buying and reading Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I really like this book because she gives you alternative ideas for fabric and layout for each pattern allowing you to come up with something uniquely yours. I also really like her ideas on how to do the quilt backs, something I hadn’t given much thought previously. If you are totally new I highly recommend this book. Even if you know your way around a sewing machine but are new to quilting, like me, I still think you will find the patterns challenging and excellent practice as you work your way up to more elaborate designs.

This first quilt is for my friend Becca and her new family. She and her boyfriend Martín just had a little boy a few weeks ago, named Aquiles. Because Día de Muertos (and Halloween) are right around the corner, I decided on the Midnight Magic collection of fabrics by April Rosenthal. According to my pattern, Snapshots (from the book above), one jelly roll of the print fabrics and one jelly roll of white (or any coordinating solid) is all I need for the quilt top, so that’s exactly what I ordered from Fat Quarter Shop.

Houston's first quilt made with jelly roll of fabric

From there it was just a matter of following the pattern to create and assemble the 720 2-inch squares that comprise the top. I did decide to change things up and do a “flange binding”, that is the little black and white striped fabric that runs around the edge on the back. I think it was the perfect little detail to finish off the back.

Houston first quilt made with vintage sewing machine

Finishing Touches

I wrote a little note on my typewriter for the box, and reused the fabric designer labels that came with the fabric.

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